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Carma Winery is a boutique winery located in the agricultural village of Tirosh near the Lachish region which was in the inheritance of Judah. It is in the bosom of nature, not far from Israel’s center. This region is characterized by extreme fluctuations of heat during the day and cold at night that provide vineyards with the ultimate climate for success grape-growing.

Bircat HaAretz

Bircat HaAretz is a special project founded to enable diaspora Jews to observe all the agricultural commandments by purchasing a 250 sq. m. plot in the Land of Israel where all Seven Species are grown. Farmers and professionals cultivate the Seven Species and fulfill all the agricultural commandments with them. Bircat HaAretz members also receive the agricultural produce that their land produced, such as matzah on Passover from wheat harvested in their fields, pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah, olive oil for lighting Chanukah candles, and Carma Winery’s wine from vineyards grown in the field, etc.

My Tree in the Land of Israel

Bircat HaAretz association launched a new farm called “My Tree in the Land of Israel.” The idea behind this farm is to provide individuals with the chance to purchase a private grape tree on their name while receiving a purchase certificate and a sign next to the tree bearing their name. They, or someone on their behalf, can plant the tree, watch the tree as it grows, and receive the tree’s harvest. In this way, the purchaser can benefit from his own tree’s fruit, while gaining the commandment of planting a tree in the Land of Israel and all the accompanying commandments related to its cultivation.

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יקב כרמא הינו יקב בוטיק הממוקם במושב
תירוש אשר בנחלת יהודה.
היין מיוצר מכרמי ענבים שבמושבות תירוש
וגפן, אזור מיוחד לגידולי ענבים מאות שנים,
אשר אדמתו הייחודית מפיקה ענבים ברמה
גבוהה ומשפרת את משמעויות היין ואת איכותו. 

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